Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance Packages

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Here at Advantage Irrigation we offer a variety of maintenance options to suit all of your irrigation needs.

We offer seasonal contracts at discounted prices or single service options based on your specific needs. We also offer a discount for pre-paid maintenance services if paid before certain dates.

Maintenance contracts consist of three visits throughout the season including a spring start up, mid-season check, and winterization. Below is a description of each service in detail.

Spring Start-up:

  • Turn on water to system/inspect for leaks
  • Inspect backflow device for leaks and proper function
  • Check and adjust all heads for proper coverage and uniformity
  • Clean grass around heads to ensure longevity and proper function
  • Set controller for appropriate watering schedule
  • Replace back up battery if required
  • Check valves and electrical wiring to ensure proper function
  • Check all sensors to ensure proper function
  • Thorough analysis of system with recommendations to increase efficiency and coverage

Mid-season Checkup:

  • Inspect entire system
  • Set controller for appropriate watering schedule
  • Check and adjust heads
  • Check all sensors
  • Make recommendations based on thorough inspection of system


Winterization is the most vital service for your irrigation system, if not done properly it can have devastating effects and create costly repairs. At Advantage Irrigation you will never have to worry about an improper winterization, with our meticulous nature we ensure that all parts of your system are drained properly including the overlooked backflow preventer.

  • Prevent damage from freezing
  • Clear all lines with compressed air
  • Turn off irrigation controller for winter
  • Inspect system and note repairs needed in spring
  • Ensure the backflow preventer and coinciding ball valves are winterized properly to prevent any damage from occurring

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I was amazed at how great my lawn looked just a few days guys were able to get water to my entire lawn and my garden without having to dig up my whole back yard!

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